Professional education and mentorship in sport performance, human movement and return-to-sport that is unmatched.

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Learn the Theory

We always begin by reviewing the theory and research behind everything we discuss, as well as presenting concepts that are already back up by both science and practice.

Put it into Practice

We also spend a good deal of time reviewing practical scenarios, working with coaches, athletes, trainers and physical therapists to provide hands-on techniques and protocols that can yield results quickly and easily.

Evaluate Your Progress

Theory and practice is not enough.  We must continue to monitor, track and evaluate progress.  Are we improving?  How do we maintain progress?  How do we stay healthy?  What do we do when injuries occur?  In short, being accountable matters.

From the Classroom...

Whether we are presenting concepts, research, protocols or progressions, we outline all of the key points that you need to move forward with confidence.  Arming yourself with the best plans and tools will only make you a better practitioner.

To the Field of Play

And, nothing beats learning by doing.  While a virtual course may not be able to provide the same type of hands-on experience, we can still present real-life scenarios with numerous subjects that you can test on yourself, as well as your athletes, clients and patients.

Start Turning Those Gears Now!

This is the most pivotal time to uprade your knowledge and skills in the most convenient way possible, on your own time, at your own pace and with no shortage of engagement!


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