At, we provide a broad array of services dedicated to improving the performance, recovery and return-to-sport of all athletes.  While our specific area of expertise is speed development, we are adept at building a comprehensive development program for all aspects of an athlete’s training and rehabilitation.  Running and sprinting often serves as our foundation of training that other training elements are integrated with to provide the most profound and robust results.  Where possible, we also incorporate the use of technology and tools to assist with analysis and assessment, athlete recovery and regeneration, and overall efficiency of training. 

The provision of services comes in many forms, as we find this is the best way to reach our audience in an accessible and effective manner.  The combination of in-person and virtual remote services provides a flexible means of sharing our resources, while also connecting in a user-friendly manner.  Because all professionals are finding themselves immersed in expanding work and personal commitments, we must be more creative in how we connect with the performance, fitness and medical professionals.  Key services and products are as follows:

Consulting Services

Our consultation services are designed to give you maximum bang for your buck to address your specific needs in a concise and timely manner.  We serve individuals, as well as large groups, through a variety of mediums.  Virtual sessions are extremely time and cost effective, as we record our sessions and provide clients with follow up resources as part of our comprehensive services.  But we can also provide in-person consultations where deemed feasible and warranted.


Individual Coach, Athlete, Trainer or Therapist Consultations

Individual consultations are often guided by specific case studies.  It is not uncommon for clients to initiate a consultation because they have a problem that requires a solution.  In the case of performance training, clients may need some advice on how to formulate a training plan.  Fitness trainers often seeking advice on how to address the specific needs of a client or diversify their training offerings in a prudent manner.  Physical therapists and medical professionals may have difficulty with a specific case that needs an infusion of fresh ideas or protocols.  Other individuals may seek advice on developing their career or advancing their business goals.

In all cases, we work with individuals to identify proven strategies for addressing their problem.  In advance of our consultation, we request all relevant information and materials to give us a running start for the session.  This may include the provision of training plans, injury history and relevant video clips so that a solution can be formulated in advance of the consultation.  Once the consultation session has been initiated, alternative options can be presented and progress can be achieved quickly.  Following the session, more information can be provided to follow up on the interaction.


Team, Organization and Group Consultations

We also provide consultations for groups, often in the form of the support staff for a team, or a group of employees working at a facility or rehabilitation center.  As with the individual consultation session, key information is requested in advance of the consultation session to devise an array of strategies that can be discussed within the group.  In some cases, a small presentation may be provided to spark discussion amongst participants.

The group consultations can be effective in creating support and cohesion around an approach or philosophy for performance training, business development or integrated rehabilitation services.  Getting everyone on the same page is a key step in achieving progress on a consistent basis.  The group consultation helps to solidify ideas and build consensus in an effective manner and in relatively short period of time.  In many ways, we serve as a facilitator for ideas that may already be circulating amongst the group, and simply need minor refinement and scheduling recommendations.  We have had resounding success with this approach, helping groups to maximize their synergy and collective talents.



Organizational In-Services

Our consultation services are designed to give you maximum bang for your buck to address your specific needs in a concise and timely manner.  We serve individuals, as well as large groups, through a variety of mediums.  Virtual sessions are extremely time and cost effective, as we record our sessions and provide clients with follow up resources as part of our comprehensive services.  But we can also provide in-person consultations where deemed feasible and warranted.


In-Person Educational In-Service

We commonly provide in-person in-service educational sessions for organizations, athletic departments, teams or training and rehabilitation facilities.  The sessions can be one to five days in length, depending on the scope of the assignment.  In many cases, we cover the Running Mechanics Professional course curriculum, including a broader overview of the practical demonstrations that apply to the client organization.  The goal is to provide theoretical and practical information to all staff members in a collaborative and integrated environment.  The practical sessions may also involve work with athletes from the hosting organization, simulating specific training or rehabilitation scenarios in real time.


Virtual Educational In-Service

For situations where it may not be feasible to schedule in-person sessions that all staff can attend at the same time, a virtual in-service environment can be implemented.  We combine teleconferenced meetings via Zoom, or similar platform, with the provision of online course materials from Running Mechanics Professional, to schedule a process of learning over several months.  This arrangement works well for organizations that may not have an adequate amount of time to gather all staff and set aside two to three full days of in-person education.  The process typically involves a protracted timeline that allow staff to gradually review the online materials at their convenience.  Debrief sessions are scheduled periodically to allow for questions and collaborative discussion with the lead instructor and amongst all staff.


Hybrid Educational In-Service

The most comprehensive in-service package for organizations is a combination of virtual courses and in-person practical sessions.  Many professional teams have opted for this approach as it allows the best of both continuing education worlds.  Staff can review the online materials over several weeks or months, well in advance of the in-person portion of the in-service.  This gives staff a running start and familiarizes them with theory, concepts and terminology before the in-person practical demonstrations are presented to them.  This arrangement produces much higher quality discussions for the in-person sessions and greater overall engagement.


Online Courses

We have made significant efforts to convert all of our in-person course experiences into a virtual version since 2020.  The online course experience typically includes 30% more content to support the practical session requirements of the in-person courses.  The online courses also allow individuals and organizations to cover the material at their own pace over an extended period of time.


Running Mechanics Professional Courses

We provide access to the online courses for the Running Mechanics Professional certification program created by Derek M. Hansen.  These courses are also available via  The curriculum is divided into multi-level teaching modules that include comprehensive examinations of different aspects of teaching, planning and returning athletes to sport via the Running Mechanics philosophy.  These courses can be purchased individually or in bundled packages for significant cost savings.  These are the same courses used in our in-service packages with professional teams and NCAA Division 1 staff.


Other Mini-Courses

Additional virtual courses are available for key areas related to training and rehabilitation provided in short and medium formats.  These courses provide a quick and accessible means of covering specific topics.



Training Programs

For coaches, athletes and other service providers seeking assistance with program planning, we provide a number of products and services to address your needs.  Pre-packaged virtual training programs are an easy way for individuals to follow a comprehensive training program at an affordable cost.  Alternatively, customized training programs are available to specifically meet the needs of an individual or team over a specified time period.  In both cases, all training programs are fully backed by online resources and customer support.


Pre-Planned Virtual Training Programs

Our pre-planned virtual training programs are typically set up over a 12-week period to ensure that adequate time is dedicated to developing speed qualities and ensuring sustainable gains in performance.  Each program is fully supported with video tutorials to guide you through the process in a fully supported manner.  Training program documents are fully hyperlinked with demonstration videos and easily viewable on your mobile devices.  You will also notice that each program is designed with a specific them in mind to address your specific needs.  We can help you make the right choice to meet your training goals.


Customized Training Programs

Fully customized training programs involve a longer process of development, but allow for a deeper dive into the specific needs of an individual or team.  We begin with a survey and an introductory call to determine the training history, injury patterns and specific needs of the client.  Our initial interactions also determine our training inventory including facilities and equipment available, as well as the time available to train throughout a typical week.  The program is designed to feet both their needs and their specific circumstances.  Ongoing support is provided with video analysis and program adjustments.



Our mentorship program is designed to meet the needs of the busy coach, fitness trainer or rehabilitation professional.  While individual consultations are directed to address a specific case study, injury or programming issue, a mentorship is a more broad-based interaction that examines an individual’s career path, general philosophy of training and big-picture issues around business development and financial success.  In short, the mentorship is designed to be a longer term relationship that allows us to work on the personal development of a performance, fitness and/or rehabilitation professional.

While the mentorship sessions are primarily virtual in nature, there have been opportunities to set up in-person meetings and sessions to cover topic areas interactively in an appropriate setting.  Individual mentorship sessions are typically interspersed throughout a month to cover key topics, but also assign tasks to complete before the next schedule session.  Some clients choose to pursue the mentorship on over a shorter period, while others continue the program on an annual basis.

All mentorship arrangements are supported with video-conferencing technology, direct messaging, phone conversations, video exchanges and supporting resources.  The intention is to provide an ongoing connection between both parties that results in continued growth and development, far beyond the length of the mentorship program.




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