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The goal of SprintCoach.com is to provide proven and tested methods for athletes and practitioners, while also leading the way in areas of innovation and technological advancement around all aspects of training, recovery, rehabilitation and strategic performance planning.  Walking that fine line between applying conventional wisdom and pushing the envelope of performance takes exceptional skill and experience.  We employ extreme precision in everything we do for our clients, leaving no detail to chance to ensure that exception performances and durable results are the end product.


Derek M. Hansen Biography

Derek M. Hansen has been a world renowned sport performance consultant and advisor to some of the top organizations, teams and athletes in professional and elite sports over the last 20 years.  His coaching background and involvement in return-to-play protocols has spanned over 30 years.  His areas of expertise include sport speed development, running mechanics, return-to-play management, strategic program planning and electrical stimulation technologies.  His clients have included top organizations from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NCAA and the Bundesliga.  He has also coached and advised thousands of athletes in the professional and collegiate ranks.

Derek has also implemented a series of advanced in-person and online courses for sport, fitness and rehabilitation professionals through his RunningMechanics.com curriculum.  These courses are taught to some of the top professionals working in elite sport around the world.  Thousands of fitness trainers and healthcare professionals have also taken his courses to serve the general population in a precise and timely manner.  His methods have been adopted by professionals internationally and he is widely known as one of the top experts in the world for addressing sprinting performance and rehabilitation issues in a timely and effective manner.  More importantly, he is able to clearly articulate protocols and solutions that are immediately actionable for all professionals at any level.



Provided below are the words of some exceptional professionals that we have had the tremendous opportunity to work with over the past 20 years.  While we truly appreciate their generosity in welcoming us to work within their environments, we must also acknowledge the wisdom and information that they have shared during our interactions and working relationships.


Ryan Chow, PT, DPT

Founder / CEO
Reload Physical Therapy and Fitness 

“Derek has been an invaluable resource for getting our team of physical therapists and personal trainers competent on how to use sprint training for rehab, fitness, and performance. He is able to take complex concepts and make it easily applicable in our setting where we see everyone from the elderly, to developing adolescents, and professional athletes. We have been able to help our clients and patients in a way that most other gyms and physical therapy practices cannot, which has improved our reputation and referral base. We invite Derek back every year to teach our staff and our community of professionals in NYC because the information is so applicable and valuable. If you have an opportunity to learn from him, do it - you will be glad you did!”


Dr. Pat Davidson, PhD, MSc

Exercise Physiologist and Strength & Conditioning Coach

“Derek Hansen is the epitome of an expert coach. He has lived the pursuit of speed development for decades, as both an athlete and a coach. Derek has learned from the best, and worked with the best. When he observes athletes running and training, he sees more than any other coach I've come across. He says exactly the right thing at the right time...no more, no less. It's hard to fully encapsulate an explanation of why Derek is the best of the best. I've seen the amount of material he has included in his seminars and teachings. I've sat and listened to him teach and coach many times. I've trained with his programming. I've had him coach me. I've chatted with him numerous times. Every now and then, you encounter the best. The full realization that they are the best sinks in over time when you hear and see others try to teach and coach the same thing, and they fall incredibly short of the bar that you've seen set.” 


Jimmy Duba, MA, CSCS, USAW

Associate Athletic Director for Sports Performance
DePaul University Athletics 

"Derek Hansen’s Running Mechanics Professional courses have been a game changer for how we our implement speed training and the return-to-sport process within the athletic department at DePaul University.  Derek does a superb job of combining his many years of experience, evidence/research-based, and practical information to present principles of training and rehabilitation that we have been able to successfully apply immediately with our student-athletes."


Erik Hernandez, BSc, MEd, CSCS

Associate Director – Strength & Conditioning – Olympic Sports
University of North Carolina

"Taking Derek's courses and consulting with him on a regular basis has been a game changer for me and my athletes.  He has done an amazing job of creating a system that is easy to follow and effective.   He has been a secret weapon of mine as I have returned athletes to play more effectively and planned training for our National Championship lacrosse team.  I wish I would have had the chance to learn from him my first year as a strength coach."


Jon Hernandez, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS

Los Angeles Rams Associate Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist
PFATS Director of Internal Education 

"Derek is an outstanding coach, teacher and colleague. He has presented to the PFATS membership at our annual Education Symposium multiple times over the course of a decade and has consistently delivered excellent educational content. He has shared his vast knowledge of soft tissue rehabilitation, RTP processes and periodization of load acclimation for American football players using his effective lecturing and teaching style. His presentations have been extremely informative for our members and we've received overwhelmingly positive feedback every time he's been involved with our Symposium. We look forward to continuing our strong professional relationship with Derek."


Dr. Doug Kechijian, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist and Performance Coach
Co-Founder / Owner Resilient Performance Systems 

"Derek's courses and mentorship have undoubtedly improved my effectiveness in rehabilitating running, team sport, and speed based athletes. Frankly, nothing comparable to what Derek teaches exists in physical therapy curriculums/ continuing education which is surprising considering that running is the foundation of so many sports. Derek's system is comprehensive but simple to apply. Most importantly, Derek actually coaches during his courses so there's no "this is interesting but what does this actually look like in practice". Derek's approach to running gait analysis, refining sprint mechanics, and reconditioning is invaluable to any rehabilitation provider responsible for return to sport preparation. I remain grateful for his personal and professional support.”


Stephen LaPlante, MS, PT, ATC

Clinical Manager Sports Rehabilitation
Children’s Health Andrews Institute 

“We’ve had the opportunity to host Derek Hansen’s Running Mechanics Professionals course at our sports rehab and performance center in Plano, TX twice in the past 4 years.  Overwhelmingly, the participants have reported that this is one of the best courses they have ever taken.  The RMP system is efficient, easy to understand and implicate.  The structure of the program is useful for returning injured athletes back to running and sprinting and has become an integral part of our rehab and training programs.  I highly recommend Derek’s courses to anyone working with athletes coming off an injury or to simply improve performance.”


Devan McConnell

High Performance Director
Arizona Coyotes

“Bringing Derek in for an in-service with our high performance department was a big component of our organizational continuing education plan. Derek’s insight and experience in both the performance and rehabilitation spaces was a key reason why I felt he and his course would be a great fit for our organization. High Performance is all about collaboration, communication, and a shared vision, and Derek helped us move the needle in that direction as we continue to emphasize a sprint based model to hockey performance.”


Matt McGettigan, CSCS

Director of Speed, Strength and Conditioning
United States Air Force Academy Football

“Derek is a great mentor and continues to be very influential in my coaching career. His ability and knowledge in implementing speed and power strategies has successfully impacted our training program. I appreciate all the work that Derek has done to help me become a better coach.”


Bradford Scott, M.Ed., CSCS, LMT

Head Sports Performance Coach
Atlanta Braves

"The Running Mechanics Certification is an outstanding resource for any Strength & Conditioning Coach or Medical Professional. Derek has put together a course that combines the theoretical and practical application of sprinting into a system designed to work within the entire spectrum from rehab to performance.  It has become a valuable resource for me as a coach."  




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