How Does One 'Professionally Develop' in this Day and Age?

Derek M. Hansen - January 2024

As someone who is regularly involved in continuing education events and the professional development of coaches, fitness professionals and rehabilitation practitioners, I consistently find myself asking how I can better contribute to the ongoing education of motivated individuals.  It is one thing to be considered an ‘expert’ or a source of information on a particular topic or area.  It is quite another to actually make a significant change in the motivation, aptitude and abilities of a working professional through a weekend course or a conference presentation.  How can we make a lasting impact on the professional development of a person if you are not consistently around them on a daily or weekly basis, guiding their efforts and providing feedback at key moments?

We often hear about the 10,000 hour rule and the value of apprenticeships and internships to gradually mold young professionals into respected leaders in their...

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