The Growth in Achilles' Tendon Ruptures in Sports

injuries return-to-play Aug 06, 2023

Derek M. Hansen - August 2023


Now that we are in the midst of NFL pre-season training camps, the combination of heavy training and competition for a roster spot tends to be a fertile ground for catastrophic injury.  While soft-tissue injuries such as hamstring pulls, calf strains and low back pain are a common side effect of training camp, it is the season and/or career ending injuries involving joints and connective tissues that are much more concerning to players and the teams’ head offices.

In particular, we are discussing the dreaded Achilles tendon rupture.  If you have ever been present when the thickest tendon in the human body decides to unravel instantaneously, the sound of the ‘pop’ that occurs will haunt you forever, especially if you are a middle-aged former athlete.  Individuals who have had the unfortunate experience of having their Achilles tendon rupture during an athletic pursuit will comment that the injury initially felt as...

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